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Discover the Stars4Media Third Edition boosters’ impressive achievements!

Stars4Media is an innovation exchange programme aiming at facilitating cooperation between media professionals, to accelerate media innovation and cross-border cooperation.  On September 2023, we launched

Supporting Eastern Europe independent media: The Tellers Agency and The Kiyv Independent’s Stars4Media collaboration

How did The Tellers Agency and The Kiyv Independent’s collaboration thrive under the Stars4Media NEWS programme? What are the strengths and learnings of this crossborder

Real time news coverage planning: Sourcefabric and STT’s innovative newsroom transformation tool

How Sourcefabric and STT were able to develop together an innovative newsroom transformation under the Stars4Media NEWS programme? What were the strengths of this collaboration

European Cities Journalism Accelerator: how Tagesspiegel, Arena for Journalism in Europe and Denik Referendum impulsed the vibing Urban Journalism Network supported by the Stars4Media NEWS programme

How did the European Cities Journalism Accelerator project bring together a network of 13 media outlets around Europe that thrived under the Stars4Media NEWS programme?

Factchecking crossborder collaboration: how Facta.news and Maldita.es thrived under the Stars4Media NEWS programme

How did Facta.news and Maldita.es build on each other’s strengths to create a collaboration that went beyond their expectations? How did the Whatsapp daily newsletter

El Confidencial, Voxeurop and Datasketch: A Tri-cultural Collaboration for an innovative Data Management

How did El Confidencial, Voxeurop and Datasketch manage to develop an innovative project such as the Data Management System for Newsrooms? What were the strengths

Maldita’s collaboration with Facta: Boosting community engagement model for European fact-checkers

How did Maldita and Facta develop a crossborder fact-checking community engagement model to enhance the sustainability of their business model? What are the key learnings

STT’s collaboration with Sourcefabric: a real-time news coverage planning

How could real-time planning help STT develop a better impact on the Finnish media news planning ecosystem? How could they enhance the impact of this

Mediahuis collaboration with BotTalk: a text-to speech technology in multiple languages

What challenges could an international publisher group like Mediahuis face? Strengthening the relationship with their customers. How do they plan to overcome it? By granting

Polityka’s cross border collaboration with Delfi: newsroom transformation and business development

When curating a project on cross-border collaboration and innovation like Stars4Media NEWS, the first concern is how to make it sustainable. Sure, our consortium expected

Delfi’s content sprints: when collaboration between media leads to new business transformations

What can collaboration do for the media? Does it have any impact on their development? According to Professor Charlie Beckett, founding Director of POLIS and

Stars4Media Day conference. are we ready for AI & enlargement?

On Friday, March 15, 2024, the #Stars4MediaDay conference: “Ready for AI & enlargement?” took place at the Résidence Palace, bringing together our Stars4Media community along

Europod launches new podcast: “Les Santiago boys”

In the cold war context, the Santiago boys appear as a group of radical utopists during Salvatore Allende Chili’s presidency. Using technology to create new

Ukrainska Pravda launches podcast: “24.02: The Invasion Reconstructed”

On February 24th, 2024, we commemorated the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. This date also marks the unveiling of

Stars4Media Day

Find the recap of the day. Registration closed.  

20 media from 12 countries boost their transformation

Stars4Media NEWS BOOST phase to end in May 2024, ahead of the next EU elections #Media4Europe Ready, set… Go! The 1st of October is not

Fostering Editorial Skills in Stars4Media

What skills are Stars4Media NEWS projects developing, and how do these support their editorial practices? In today’s story, we look into four projects and how

Stars4Media highlights Importance of network & skills exchange

Until now, we have learned how the winning Stars4Media projects have  worked on Digital Transformation, applied Revenue Diversification  and how the Knowledge Exchange is at

In Stars4Media, Knowledge Exchange Supports independent quality media

After Revenue Diversification and Digital Transformation, in this week’s story Stars4Media looks at how the knowledge exchange can support independent quality media. The two projects

Digital Transformation in Stars4Media NEWS

As we continue the journey of discovery of the Stars4Media NEWS projects, after Revenue Diversification we focus on the Digital Transformation. What is Digital Transformation

Stars4Media explores Revenue Diversification

As 2023 kicked in, the 14 projects selected for the Stars4Meda NEWS sped up work on their business/newsroom transformation ahead of the end of the

Record applications to Stars4Media NEWS, helping business and newsroom transformation

The Stars4Media NEWS Call for projects closed on 30th June with great success. A total of 48 eligible project proposals were presented by 90 media

Transforming media businesses to sustain democracy

The #Media4Europe Conference on “Media Transformation and democracy building” took place on Thursday, May 12th. The event highlighted currently open calls with funding for media,

Media in crisis? Several funding programmes help modernisation and resilience

For media companies to become resilient, more funding and capacity-building is needed. Different schemes complement each other, focusing on newsroom & business transformation, social change,

Upgrading Europe’s democracy infrastructure: #Stars4Media NEWS to help boost media transformation

Stars4Media is entering a new phase:Stars4Media NEWS! This marks our third step towards becoming a permanent European media innovation programme. This recognition builds on the

AI and Stars4Media

As we wind up our discovery journey into the media projects that took part in the Stars4Media Second Edition as programmes’ beneficiaries, we wind up

Education, Empowerment, Engagement: Re-defining Media Innovations with Stars4Media

2022 kicks off as what the European Commission denominated the European Year of Youth. With youth in mind, the focus of the public European policies

Exploring new frontiers of journalism through Stars4Media

Many are the challenges the media sector is facing currently. In the series of recently published articles, Stars4Media has been searching for ways to talk

New Revenue Models For a Sustainable European News Media

At the recent European NEWS Media Forum organised by the European Commission, panelist Joanna Krawczyk from Gazeta Wyborcza stressed : ‘Financial independence [in media] means

How can data support investigative journalism?

The recently published study by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and University of Oxford analysing the  attitude towards news in the USA,

#Media4Europe Conference: ”Innovation, content & data to transform the NEWS business”

The #Media4Europe event on “Business Transformation of NEWS: Content sharing, Data and Stars4Media” took place on Wednesday, October 6th, in hybrid format: both at EURACTIV

Bringing Constructive Journalism further through Stars4Media

The World News Day and International Day for Universal Access to Information took place on September 28th. While the former is a campaign supporting journalists

Stars4Media: 30 projects for media innovation selected

After two rounds of jury evaluation, the Stars4Media is proud to announce the 185 media professionals, grouped around 30  initiatives involving  76 media organisations selected

And the winners are…

Would a real-time video fact-checker help fight disinformation? Is Artificial Intelligence a threat or a tool for media professionals? Are newsletters still useful in community-building? 

#Stars4Media Lab calls for structured support to media innovation

The #Stars4Media Lab on ‘The Future of Innovation in the European Media Sector’ took place Tuesday, May 25th. The event included high-level interventions, expert insights

#Stars4Media Lab

Media innovations: growing in number, speed & bottom-up! Tuesday 25 May 2021, 10.00 – 12.30 CEST  What will the future European Media Sector look like? What

Time is over to beat around the bush: how to start innovating the media sector by collaborating across silos and across borders.

At the beginning of March 2021, the Media4Europe summit took place. This was the occasion for about 200 media professionals, key policymakers, and publishers to

Media4Europe: Quality news suffers, skills and funding are required

On 3 March 2021, the Media4Europe Summit gathered 200 media professionals, key policymakers and publishers,  around the theme “Towards a healthy news media sector?”

El programa Stars4media, el “Erasmus de los medios”, lanza su segunda edición 22 february 2021

Madrid (EuroEFE)- El programa de intercambio y capacitación Stars4Media para profesionales de medios de comunicación de los países de la UE que deseen desarrollar y

Press release: Stars4Media, a success despite Covid

Stars4Media is an exchange and training programme for young media professionals (“rising stars”), between cooperating media organisations, to accelerate media innovation and cross-border coverage in Europe.

Skills & innovation for media: discover the Stars4Media First Edition

Out of all beneficiaries, 47% are women, 30% work as journalists, while the rest come from other professional backgrounds such as content marketing, social media

Stars4Media, un Erasmus per il giornalismo

Il nuovo progetto “Stars4Media”, realizzato da Fondazione Euractiv, insieme alla Federazione europea dei giornalisti (Efj), l’Associazione mondiale dei giornali e degli editori (Wan-Ifra) e l’Università di Bruxelles Vub, per rilanciare il giornalismo europeo.

VUB leads Stars4Media European exchange project

VUB imec-SMIT, one of Europe’s leading research groups in media, innovation and technology, is coordinating the project with the initiator, Fondation EURACTIV.