Boosting and integrating correspondents: a Brussels infrastructure for democracy

EU a​nd NATO are essential hopes for Eastern Europeans. But coverage “on the ground” is limited, leaving room for both ignorance and disinformation. Eastern European media are eager to send more reporters: they need practical help, not only money but introduction.


The Maison du MédiaLab residence will host Eastern European Brussels correspondents, offering them not only accommodation in the heart of the EU policy making for 6 months (on a rotation basis) but also professional development with networking and training opportunities.


Read the article presenting the Maison du MédiaLab in


The narrative: initial pioneer and ambition

Located in a typical ‘maison de maître bruxelloise’, Maison du MediaLab already hosted an Ukrainian journalist refugee (now TV correspondent): Sofiia Nazarenko. Her inspiring journey as a refugee and her connection with founders Christophe Leclercq and Sharon Leclercq-Spooner are featured in two videos:

  1. UNHCR interview. You can hear how hosting a journalist fitted in the Ukrainian refugees’ wave:

2. Discussion with Sofiia and “Maison” initiators: you can learn more about how the Maison du Médialab project was born and its ambition:


What are the quantified goals?

In a few years, assuming the majority manage to stay in Brussels, we anticipate to support tripling the number of Eastern European accredited correspondents in Brussels: indeed they are only 20 today, far too little.

How to help in practice?

The Maison du MédiaLab will incur 4 different types of costs in order to host residents and integrate them in the European press corps:

  1. rent (provided by initiators)
  2. rental charges and maintenance
  3. integration: coaching coordination, networking events, office support
  4. if possible: living expenses, to “top up” residents (low) wages, given living standard differences
  • Enquiries are welcome to help co-fund expenses and if possible living allowances. There are roles for institutions, for foundations, for generous individuals and for advisors and coaches.

If you have any questions or wish to receive further info do not hesitate to reach out to us: Christophe Leclercq, fondateur@europemedialab.eu or Thierry Leroy, secgen@europemedialab.eu or David Mekkaoui, managingdirector@europemedialab.eu.