The following criteria will be assessed by the jury:


To enter the EXPLORE phase: 

  1. Size & credibility of media organisation (including size, readership, and brand credibility for the largest of the partners) 
  2. Plan of action (including clear and achievable goals, the need and use for both funding & coaching)
  3. Partnership potential (quality of cooperation and approach) 
  4. Impact potential (innovation; business models; productivity; resilience etc.)
  5. Sustainability (the ability of the innovation envisaged to bear its costs over time)
  6. Diversity: relevant balances and inclusion (languages, gender, countries, multidisciplinarity of professionals involved, and journalism/media products)

To enter the BOOST phase:

     7. Reassessment (project assessment at the end of Phase 1)
    8. Transformation plan quality (objectives, milestones, teams, change management approach)
   9. Sustainability of the project (anchoring in the organisation, for example, fit with the media’s overall strategy)
  10. Support by top management
  11. Dissemination plan to the wider media sector