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Stars4Media is an innovation exchange programme aiming at facilitating cooperation between media professionals, and accelerating media innovation and cross-border coverage in Europe.

Cross-border Cooperation/

Media professionals, media organisations and tech companies have the opportunity to collaborate on new editorial & technological products, and new business models across borders.

Bottom-up Initiatives/

Media professionals from EU countries have the chance to cooperate around bottom-up Initiatives and benefit from coaching from media experts on quality reporting, data-journalism, AI tools and business development.


#Voices4Media is a podcast on media and for the media. Each of the episodes looks into burning questions from the sector together with renowned professionals with expertise in the field and researchers framing the challenges behind them. What do words like “fake news” or “innovation” actually mean, and how do media professionals go about them?

The podcast is an initiative by Stars4Media, an innovation exchange programme aiming at facilitating cooperation between media professionals, to accelerate media innovation and cross-border cooperation.

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Why participate? As a news media company you will:

  • Stars4Media NEWS welcomes Projects in 2 main areas: Newsroom Transformation and Business Transformation;
  • Selected projects can receive up to €100, 000 for a full project, mostly cash, plus some free, tailored coaching and training;
  • 14 Projects will be selected to enter an EXPLORE Phase: experimenting  innovation ideas, with a benchmarking partner in another country. 9 of these 14 projects will then be selected to continue in a BOOST Phase: deeper and wider in the development and implementation of their ideas;
  • All projects selected (in both phases) will be able to benefit from ad-hoc and in-depth coaching from recognised experts in the newsroom and business transformation;
  • Participating companies will cooperate cross-border with another media organisation for a period of 4 to 10 months.

How to participate?

Interested media were invited to submit a proposal for a collaborative project under one of the two Tracks: ‘business transformation’ (Track 1) or ‘newsroom transformation’ (Track 2). Each project had the potential to participate in and complete the full BOOST phase but first entered the programme in the ‘EXPLORE’ phase. Afterwards, a second jury assessment took place to select the companies that will advance in the BOOST phase.

The deadline for submissions ended Thursday, 30 June 2022. 

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