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Context: Brussels matters for media, not only to report on the EU

  • Brussels is more important than ever: editorially, for advocacy, and for funding.
  • All this requires innovation, cross-border cooperation, and networking in international media circles.
  • Several institutions offer facilities for correspondents (with heavy security procedures), but not for the media ecosystem (media project leaders, publishers, public affairs people, animators, AI editors, new innovation professional roles and related media associations and media academics).
  • Many organisations based in capitals wish a part-time or junior presence in Brussels, if cheap and innovative.
  • To increase the effectiveness of the project, Europe’s MediaLab submitted its application for the Commission’s European Media Hubs – 2023 call, presenting “CHESSCrosslingual Hubs for East-west coworking and Stars4Media Support”.

Hypothesis: media-specific coworking, efficient space and animation

No need for generic, commercial shared space, but for media-specific contacts and for a time saving set-up.

No complex hour credit & booking required: different formulas – a landing spot for occasional visits, for more permanent presence of collaborators and/or staff or having a full time separate room for the team.


  • No rent, just modest service charge plus online visibility and joint projects envisaged (in connection with MediaLab strategic priorities)
  • Animations to be improved, away from long Zoom meetings and streamed politics
  • Host introducing and giving tips
  • Walls with logos, coordinates, topic and wishes
  • Training and brainstormings
  • Weekly networking drinks

Location, timing and opportunities:

Enquiries? stars4media@europemedialab.eu