Europod launches new podcast: “Les Santiago boys”

In the cold war context, the Santiago boys appear as a group of radical utopists during Salvatore Allende Chili’s presidency. Using technology to create new cybernetic tools, they try to steal technology ownership from multinationals, acting as superheroes to reestablish democracy and contribute to a more equal economy. Pinochet’s coup d’état only stops them temporarily as their innovative methods find their way to Silicon Valley.

Les Santiago Boys is the new podcast series by Europod (formerly Bulle Media) and Acast, boosters of the Stars4Media NEWS programme. The project was initiated in Milan, where Chora Media offered to Europod this French-remake. This idea triggered their joining forces with Acast to apply to the Stars4Media NEWS programme. The podcast, narrated by Evgeny Morozov, highlights Europod’s digital change focus, connecting Latin-America Santiago boys with the global challenges that Europe faces regarding domination of technologies as a potential threat to democracy. The teaser of the first episode is available now here. The first episode will be launched on 6 March, followed by weekly episodes.

Discover more about Europod’s new podcast during the two launch events: in Brussels (13 March, Reset Auditorium) “Reset! Live Podcast #1 — Technology and Decentralization: What Futures for Independent Culture?” and in Paris (14 March, Gaîté Lyrique) “Media, technology and democracy”.

In the same perspective, do not miss the opportunity to know more about Stars4Media Day on March 15 in Brussels, and our panels on media industrial policy, AI and innovation, alongside fighting disinformation in Eastern Europe. Discover the insights of the event here.