STT’s collaboration with Sourcefabric: a real-time news coverage planning

How could real-time planning help STT develop a better impact on the Finnish media news planning ecosystem? How could they enhance the impact of this innovative tool on significant news outlets in Finland?


Suomen Tietotoimisto (FI), the Finnish News agency, and Sourcefabric (CZ), the Open News Software for Journalism, knew each other even before the Stars4Media NEWS programme. Therefore, it is not a surprise seeing how well they complement each other. STT had the news planning expertise and the vision but Sourcefabric had the necessary tech expertise to develop a real-time news planning that enables better visibility to STT customers.


When we asked Salla Salmela, producer at STT, about the results of the collaboration with Sourcefabric she did not hesitate to highlight how this partnership showed them that new ways of working were possible. Both partners have improved their adaptation processes, something that has proven to be very useful in an ever-changing environment because as Salmela points out “What is news if not change?”. Through regular meetings and workshops, STT and Sourcefabric were able to go beyond their jargon differences – between news and tech – understanding each other’s needs and they learnt to speak a common language.


This partnership was definitely enhanced by the support of Charlotte Eimer, WAN-IFRA Media Consultant, Change Manager and Coach, thanks to her knowledge and expertise working with media news agencies. Her expertise has been defined by not only Salmela but also by Maija Paikkala, Project Manager and News Developer at STT, as the fundamental added-value from the Stars4MediaNEWS programme.


In the first phase of the project, the regular meetings between STT, Sourcefabric and their coach allowed different key players for the newsroom to engage in many valuable conversations that paved the way to the concrete changes they were building on. The second phase of this project focuses on piloting these new workflows in the newsroom, allowing the launch of a better product for STT’s clients. STT and Sourcefabric will keep working together in the upcoming weeks and months under the boost phase of the Stars4Media programme, gathering the insights of their users to enhance the quality of their real-time planning tool. 


From the Stars4Media community, we are thrilled to be able to follow their success and to be part of their business and news transformation. We are looking forward to knowing more about their upcoming results.


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