AI changes European news: Stars4Media’s plan for AI-enhanced journalism excellence


Europe MédiaLab has submitted an ambitious proposal to DG Connect, aiming to enhance European journalism through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). This initiative, awaiting funding approval with hopes for a positive response by the end of 2024, plans to kickstart in early 2025. It’s structured around two pivotal elements: the Navigator and the Pilots. The Navigator is designed to identify the specific needs of the media sector and guide them towards the most effective AI applications and practices. Meanwhile, the Pilots initiative will see 14 news organisations embark on AI-driven projects, fostering cross-border journalism partnerships.


This innovative project is the result of collaboration among influential stakeholders from four countries, seeking to tackle the challenges AI poses to journalism. The consortium includes heavyweight entities such as WAN-IFRA, with its 300 publishers; the European Federation of Journalists, representing 320,000 members; Fraunhofer IOA mapping out support services; I-Europa ( for dissemination and Europe MédiaLab (formerly Fondation Euractiv) coordinating the effort. This collective is dedicated to leveraging technology, business insight, and ethical guidelines to push the media industry forward.

With AI rapidly advancing, there’s an urgent need for the journalism sector to evolve independently of major tech corporations. Smaller media outlets, in particular, face significant hurdles in adopting AI technologies due to the lack of accessible, high-quality consultancy. The Stars4Media NEWSAI programme addresses this by simplifying access to expert support and offering subsidies for selected media collaborations. The adaptable approach of the Navigator and Pilots ensures that the initiative remains relevant amid changing trends and promotes cross-border cooperation.


Quality and ethics are at the core of this fourth Stars4Media’s edition. The initiative emphasises the importance of training and responsibly deploying AI tools in journalism. By drawing on past Stars4Media’s resources and networks, the project aims for cost-effective implementation and widespread AI adoption within the media sector, thereby maximising benefits for all stakeholders involved.


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This proposal was submitted on February 14th within the framework of the call “NEWS-Journalism Partnerships-Collaborations”, aiming to enhance innovation and collaboration across the European media landscape.
Should you wish to cooperate with Stars4Media NEWSAI or engage in future initiatives focused on media innovation, we invite you to reach out. Contact Anamaria Corca for more information or to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. You can email her at


We look forward to exploring how we can work together to shape the future of European journalism through AI and innovation.


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