Aside from evaluating the proposals for initiatives, the pool of Stars4Media media experts (coaches and jury members, see the list below) is providing guidance and coaching to media innovators applying to join the training programme. This group of experts is approved by the European Commission, and the experts come from all strands of the media field gathering publishers, journalists, academia, and tech circles. 

Media professionals can benefit from the support of a media expert during the application phase, and while carrying out their initiative.


Coaching is available to all promising applicants who submitted a draft proposal during the period of application for the Stars4Media Call. Coaches are assigned on the basis of the field of expertise, ensuring that it is relevant to the subject of the proposal. During the application phase, from February to July, the goal is to make sure that the application criteria are met and the proposal is in line with the Stars4Media objectives. The coach will not be involved in the jury evaluation of the applicant to whom he/she provided coaching.

You can find here the call for initiatives, including the form. Media professionals will receive constructive feedback during the Stars4Media Lab virtual training event in May 2021: applicants will be invited to pitch their initiatives and attend coaching sessions. They may submit their reworked proposals by the July 1st deadline. Around 30 initiatives will be eventually selected and participants will be able to start their collaboration in September 2021. Applicants who submit an application by the last deadline (01/07/2021) and who are interested in getting support from a Stars4Media expert, will have to send a Proposal for initiative by 15/06/2021.


All received proposals are randomly assigned to the jury. Each proposal is evaluated by two jury members. When an expert acts as a coach for a proposal, s/he is not allowed to evaluate the same proposal, or to vote on it, thus avoiding a potential conflict of interestsThe final decisions of the jury deliberation are cross-checked by the consortium partners across the project targets, avoiding conflict of interest. Experts are not employed by the Stars4Media project. 


List of Stars4Media coaches/jury members, grouped by thematic waves:

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