Launching event in Brussels | November 2019

Stars4Media is an exchange and training programme for media professionals (“rising stars”), between cooperating media organisations, to accelerate media innovation and cross-border coverage in Europe.

Disinformation disorder, falling trust and readership, unprecedented challenges in their business models, shifting skills and technology: the media sector is going through a deep multifaceted crisis. Solutions for a healthy media sector are still in the making and they must be driven by the media sector itself, and by innovation.

Read more on the press release (November 2019).

“Journalism is at a crossroads, more important than ever and more fragile than ever. We urgently need to invest in innovation, new ways of engaging with diverse audiences and stimulating trust. Empowering young media professionals to experience best practice outside their newsroom, is a beautiful chance, we hope many apply for.” European Federation of Journalists

“We are addressing two of the key challenges that still hinder the processes of press transformation in the digital age: project-based product management and culture. With its unique European-wide twinning programme, Stars4media will help participating companies to truly rethink their relationship to innovation and embed experience innovation into our culture and organisation.” Vincent Peyrègne, CEO WAN-IFRA

Christophe Leclercq, the founder of the EURACTIV Media Network, explained the context: “This pilot project was conceived with and for the media sector, working for the general interest of democracy. 45 media stakeholders expressed their support, then relayed by 15 MEPs from the 4 main political groups, and voted by the Parliament for two years around ‘rising stars’, the first one being implemented. Public support for journalistic cooperation or press freedom is useful, this one is different: it’s about innovation across borders and economic sustainability.”

Discover the list of 60 supporters, including 15 MEPs and 13 media organisations.