Initiative formed by the Finnish start-up Frameright and the news agency EFE, ranked as the first news agency in Spanish and the fourth in the world.

The initiative aimed to enable content creators to know what they publish and how the content is being shown to the public. Image files contain information that is not visible to regular viewers. It is called embedded metadata. In the metadata, a lot of useful information about the image file can be stored. The idea is to use such information to enable flexible image handling by setting specific coordinates that the receiving system can decode. Saving this information inside the image file makes it possible to gather everyone around the same drawing table, even when working remotely.

Deliverables: Article describing the Initiative’s work and results – What we learned during Stars4Media 2020 | by Marina Ekroos | Frameright | Oct, 2020 (language: English).

Download the presentation (pdf) and watch the video here.