When it comes to urban farms, refugees centres or inclusion, Cafébabel and BX1 have a different story to tell. Actually, different stories. Through a local solution journalism angle, Solution Capitales puts an end to the occidental covering of European topics with a series of four TV show episodes broadcast by TV BX1.

The show tackles European topics (Refugees, Urban Farms, ex-prisoners reintegration initiatives, inclusion of people with disabilities) at the local level (Italy, France, Portugal, The Netherlands). By sharing a local solution journalism angle, Solution Capitales aimed to solve the lack of diversity and Eurocentrism in media. This innovation has broadened the area of expertise for each media by creating a new audience, new visibility and a new type of content and by getting a foot on TV with a journalistic and European monthly show, with a local anchor aspect thanks to Bx1. It is the first live journalism show made by Cafébabel broadcasted on TV.