Initiative formed by Centro di Giornalismo Permanente (Italy), Street Press (France), El Salto (Spain). The Initiative “On the run from the past” is part of Archivio Desaparecido, a multimedia archive on which the participants have been working for more than a year.

During the southern American dictatorships of the late 1900s, tens of thousands of people have lost their lives due to state-sanctioned terrorism. To suppress internal opposition, the army had built hundreds of extermination camps, whose victims were kidnapped, tortured, killed and then vanished. When the regimes were toppled, many army members were put on trial. To run from the law, many of those people have fled to Europe thanks to their heritage. The Initiative “On the run from the past” follows their stories. Following extensive research, four cases were investigated. Additionally, the team members interviewed the victims and family members of those who have disappeared, the lawyers involved in the trials, past and present. Watch the video here and learn more via this presentation (pdf).