Improving journalists’ skills, capabilities, and knowledge are the main goals of Revista Haz. Compromiso Empresarial, Instituto de Periodismo Constructivo and Innovation Media Consulting Group put together their expertise to implement a constructive and solution magazine in the Spanish market (mode details, in Spanish, here). Moreover, through Haz transparency seals, businesses can now assess and show their commitment to fair transparency standards.

Compromiso Empresarial improved its constructive journalism capabilities and knowledge with the help of Instituto de Periodismo Constructivo (through mentoring and training).
Moreover, they reshaped their image and content to personify this new positioning (Implementation of a new brand, logo and claim that embodies the concept;  development of a new section named “Periodismo Constructivo”)
On top of the content, they are also experimenting with New Narrative formats: the new section “Solutions” has been successfully launched with emailing campaign.
Furthermore, they upgrade their income generation capabilities and broaden their vision on different revenues models building on the Innovation Media Consulting Group guidance: by creating further synergies between the content and knowledge they developed in Fundación Haz and the Revista Haz; by prioritizing some content and by selecting some new themes and formats to be developed, such as Haz Transparency seals.